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Heather Mackenzie D.PSc. Internal Environmentalist & Holistic Medical Cannabis Practitioner

Heather has been an evolving Integrative Clinician for the past 20+ years and has recently relocated to the beautiful East Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada after having a practice in London, Ontario and before that in Tasmania, Australia. She believes that our Microbiome holds the key to true cellular healing and we must investigate our micro-environment, tissue ecosystem, epigentics, and oral health amongst other things, and never settle for sub par health. Prevention is key and we must be willing to also address environmental and emotional stressors if we want to dis-create what we may have manifested into the physical.

As stated throughout this website Heather is not a medical doctor and does not medically diagnose, treat, or cure but through her pastoral medical licensing as well as many other certifications, can become your healing partner guiding you to become healthier, more energetic, and happier than you may have been in years. She is also currently working on her Doctorate and PhD in Quantum Medicine with IQUIM.

Healing herself through diet, cellular tweaking, and lifestyle changes from cancer over 10 years ago she offers compassion and empathy in her practice and never offers any service that she does not use herself or offer to her own family.  She was the first certified nutritional microscopist by Dr. Robert Young in Australia, inspiring many clients to become practitioners themselves, she co-owned one of the most successful Chiropractic and Wellness centers in Tasmania, and has traveled the world training in cutting edge technology under many amazing doctors. After discovering medical cannabis and all of it’s applications, she is proud to also now be the first certified Holistic Medical Cannabis practitioner in Canada by the Holistic Cannabis Academy and is excited about what the future holds in Holistic and Energetic Medicine.

This isn’t about esoteric auras, or vibes...

 Its about the REAL energetic flow within the body. If the body can’t make its own electricity the brain, the nerves, the muscles, and the organs can’t function. Mental clarity drops, strength drops, and the ability to do work goes away. Energy Assessments quickly and easily make important information available to the practitioner. No blood tests. No invasive procedures.

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Hi Heather,
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