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Bionetic Biofeedback

Technically speaking, the device we use is called a SV2 Insight. It measures the asymmetrical distribution of probability amplitudes of non-cognitive space-time events representing the somatic responses of metabolized cellular experiences, which collectively precipitate a three-dimensional holographic model of memory.

What? OK in plain English

Every cell in your body can communicate with one another using electromagnetic signals much like a cell phone does. The SV2 Insight can communicate with your body by using these same low level electrical signals to help uncover energy patterns that may be interfering in your quest for health. The scan begins with the computer asking your cells thousands of questions at a rate of 144 questions every 2 seconds. These questions are asked 8 times each, understanding that we often do not easily release buried information, so repetition helps bring the information to the surface. These “replies” come as a positive, negative, or neutral answer, which are in turn picked up by the SV2 Insight, processed and rated using complex computer algorithms. We then use that information to build a homeopathic formula that will help release the primary negative energy patterns that were found during the initial scan.

In building your homeopathic formulas, we first identify your baseline energy. We will test for which homeopathic remedies your body recognizes as most useful to improve your energetic balance. These remedies are then “tuned” to your specific energetic needs. New Human offers data-driven, personalized therapy and client education tools for consciousness.

Additional Information About SV2 Insight

The SV2 Insight’s evaluation process scans for stressful influences of toxic substances. Some of the numerous testing categories are airborne allergies, bacteria, food allergies, viruses, parasites, yeast, mold, fungus, dental materials, hormones, chemicals, vaccination toxicity, environmental and industrial pollution, pesticides, metals and many more. Each substance within the selected list of categories is then Bio-feedback tested against the body’s electrical system.

The testing and the responses are recorded within the computer and the reactions will provide us with what is known as a “galvanic skin response” to the testing of the body’s organ systems. You will receive a full report of the information obtained. SV2 Insight indicates your stressed organs and glands of involvement that require care and support and allows us to create a supportive plan of action for the conditions found.SV2 Insight also scans and tests for beneficial substances such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, Bach flower remedies, essential oils, Asian herbs and homeopathic remedies. It discovers the irritants within the body and tests to find remedies to help restore health.

It’s important to note the amount of current is so minuscule you feel nothing as it is happening but you will be amazed as you view the responses to the test on the computer screen as you are being tested.

Additional Information About SV2 Insight

By applying your hand to SV2.0 Insight’s™ HID (Human Interface Device), digital frequencies are transmitted through the skin to establish a two-way communication channel between your body and the computer. It learns the specific language of your body by using sample signals to determine a normal or baseline mode and the range of its stress responses.

When baseline has been established, the SV2.0 Insight™ measures changes in wave patterns as the signals encounter similar or dissimilar frequencies associated with your reactions to stimulus.

Once the scan is complete, the SV2.0 Insight™ provides a rich assessment of your energetic imbalances. These assessments will become an invaluable tool to assist us in empowering you with the understanding of how emotional blockages manifest in your body. You will gain greater self-awareness and responsibility for the necessary changes in habits, beliefs, and lifestyle, which underlie true sustained healing.

Bionetics goes beyond the boundaries of Newton’s mechanical laws to look at the unlimited potential and innate ability of the human body to communicate its needs to aid in self-healing. Dr. Barbara Brown, an early pioneer in biofeedback, calls this unique phenomenon skin talk. This potential, presents throughout the body on a cellular level, and is revealed through electro-dermal screening (EDS) biofeedback systems. Sophisticated computers like the one we use in Bionetics now enable signals to be read or scanned. These signals uncover the body’s encrypted messages that would otherwise maybe overlooked.

Stress reduction through retraining how your body internalizes stress can take you far in your healing process. Lifestyle changes, nutritional therapies, and other services offered in The Quantum Health Clinic can help the mind, body, and spirit to find health and harmony by effectively managing your stress levels and reducing them. WHO recently released that by the year 2020 depression will be the number one dis-ease, so it makes sense to change your stinking thinking to healthy happy thoughts and begin moving back towards optimal health and energy!

20 years of development and research

Complemented by New Human’s world-first wellbeing programs, SV2.0 Insight is based on the complex science of Bionetics.
At the Quantum Health Clinic we offer 3 easy-to-follow programs which combine our state-of-the-art SV2.0 Insight™ Bionetic equipment, with BioDynamic Botanicals and behavioural psychology based modalities for incredible results.
This phenomenal equipment saves hours and hours of muscle testing and better still it takes the practitioner and any pre-conceived ideas out of the equation for accurate results!

How can all of this be possible?

New advances in BioResonance Testing provide new ways in ascertaining the reactions of the human body. Based on advances in Biofeedback, this amazing technology is now available in our clinic and is a first for Canada!

We are now able to test over 72 categories and literally hundreds of products which are in our database. Sanum, Metagenics, Standard Process, Deseret Biologicals, and many more. Perhaps you are taking current supplements and you are not sure if they are really benefiting you. Bring them along with you and we can test so you know you are getting exactly what your body needs, when it needs it.

What are those lasers and how can they help me?

Dynamic Low Level Light Therapy as an adjunct sensitivity-reduction device. The first of its kind to carry embedded digitized signatures within the light itself, so we can more effectively detect sensitivities and take steps to eliminate them.

SV2.0 Insight’s™ Dynamic Low Level Light Therapy has a variety of applications including:

  • Growth factor response improves within cell tissue due to increased ATP and protein synthesis. Improved cell proliferation. Change in cell membrane permeability to calcium uptake.
  • Pain relief due to increased endorphin release which means increased overall serotonin levels.
  • Strengthening of the immune system response via increasing levels of lymphocyte activity and through a newly-researched mechanism termed “photo-modulation.”
  • Cellular communication enhancement throughout the nervous system

How Cold Lasers that are used along with Bionetics Interact with Your Cells

Normally, the body must supply its own energy for metabolic activity. But what happens if the body is having problems functioning, perhaps because it has sustained a serious injury or is just slowing down from old age? We can supply it with more raw materials (nutrients) for these chemical reactions, but nutrients alone might not be able to speed up our metabolic chemistry. How can we add the energy that our cells need for chemicals to react faster

After decades of research dedicated to answering this question, I have developed a method of adding energy to the body which stimulates cellular activity. I discovered that low level laser light, tuned to specific frequencies (wavelengths), stimulates metabolic processes in the human body at the cellular level. In other words, light can stimulate healing

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Healing Light: Energy Medicine of the Future