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Health Screenings

Health & Cardio-Vascular Screenings

Did you know for that more than 1.4 Million Canadians have heart disease? It’s one of the leading causes of death in Canada today claiming more than 33,600 lives every year. 70,000 heart attacks happen each year here and every 7 minutes someone dies from this preventable disease. 9 out of 10 Canadians have at least 1 risk factor for cardiovascular disease, but according to polls, only 12% are aware and even less really know what to do to prevent heart attacks and strokes. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Heart disease and cancer are currently categorized as the top two conditions that have claimed the most lives in the world. 95% of heart disease and cancer is a result of what one eats, drinks and thinks. Only 5% of all heart attacks, strokes or cancers are truly genetic.

The Quantum Health Clinic offers various tests which can show us the following:<

• Where your current Arterial Elasticity (AI) is today (High Ejection Elastic Index)
• What level of plaque you have built up right now in your system.
• What your cholesterol levels are.
• What your Triglyceride levels are.
• What your Vascular Age is today (can be eye-opening)
• What your Core Central Blood Pressure (BP) is and how that is affecting other numbers.
• What your Brachial & Peripheral Pressures are.
• What your Chronotropic Myocardial Response is – How well the heart responds to increased physical activity or pressure.
• We assess your contractile tension (DEI) or stiffness in your peripheral arteries.
• What your current blood oxygenation percent is.
• If there are imbalances in your ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) that are affecting your cardiovascular function and your stress levels.
• Are there inflammatory responses involved?
• Pulse variants indicating Endocrine involvement
• Lung Age and Function
• Are there underlying Renal issues effecting your BP?
• Hydration, BMI, Endocrine Function, and more

OK, now we know where you currently sit but what do we do to change it?
Are your current medications working well for you?
Do you want to know about alternatives to not just cover the symptoms but truly heal yourself from damage that has already begun to take place?

This is where it gets exciting!

We work on the underlying issues that brought you to where you find yourself today and with a combination of “individualized” therapies such as Clinical Multi-Step Oxygen Therapies, unique supplementation to vasodilate the Arteries, Veins, and Capillaries, we explore lifestyle changes, we show you how to take control of your health and begin to reverse the damage that is beginning to occur BEFORE it’s too late. At The Quantum Health Clinic we believe in empowering you by helping you to take back your life and live it to the fullest! Not by medically diagnosing but by educating and shining the light on areas that up to now may have been completely in the dark to you.
We strive to help you rejuvenate your life, so you may enjoy everything that life has to offer!