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Holistic Medical Cannabis Consultations

Access – Education/Application – Ongoing Personalized Support

The Quantum Health Clinic provides a personalized, confidential, and most importantly, a comprehensive pathway on your road back to health with one of God’s most amazing gifts – Cannabis.

The Quantum Health Clinic provides a unique much needed service in the East Kootneys and if logistically you can’t come in to our clinic we do offer appointments via skype, telephone, or email. We have partnered up with a group of Medical Doctors who can provide you the first step in your healing process and issue you with a Canada wide medical marijuana license. This is different to a local dispensary membership and you will become registered with Health Canada’s ACMPR medical marijuana program so you know you are in safe legal hands.

We have heard from so many people who are curious, scared, or even ashamed due to lack of knowledge and hearsay around Cannabis but want to try it as a medicine to cope or heal from their ailments. The problem usually is they have no idea of where to go from there. Your friend or family member who uses this plant may mean well but may not be qualified to give you the best advice needed. If you are seeking healthy alternative to opiates, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals or what complements or causes adverse effects, we can work with you and if need be your family MD.

Or maybe you already have what you need to obtain your cannabis medicine, you may already know what’s wrong with you, or you may just suspect that all is not right with your health. Where do you go from here in your journey back to balance, optimal health, energy, and happiness via Cannabis?

Well this is where we at The Quantum Health Clinic really shine.

On your first appointment, we sit down for a lengthy consultation to gather your health history, toxic loads, diet, fears and concerns, expectations, objectives, medications and supplements you may be currently taking, imbalances that may have manifested, and from there we can begin to create an individualized protocol that will work best for you – together.
We will discuss the various cultivars that have been proven to work for certain ailments and symptomologies, which applications may suit you best, pharmaceutical interactions and potential adverse effects to be aware of, and much more. The last thing you want when you are unwell is to have a terrible experience due to poor but well-meaning advice from someone who is not certified and trained in this complex plant. We can ensure you avoid any unwanted experiences whilst finding your sweet spot taking into consideration tolerance and resetting issues that may be required due to prior experience with cannabis.

Our second appointment will be walking through titration/dosing, any herbs, terpenes, teas, spices, foods, and supplements that may compliment your healing process with Cannabis. As well as what foods, medications, supplements that can be contraindicated and can adversely effect your individualized cannabis program. It is in this appointment we will also preform an EAV test and Bionetic Energy Scan to find what your body specifically needs from an energetic perspective. We will discuss other modalities that we offer such as PEMF, EWOT, Bionetics, Health Screenings, etc that can be implemented if desired, to accelerate your new and exciting journey back to balance.

On your third appointment now that we are clear on which cultivar and form of cannabis may work best for you, we can go online and decide which licensed producer you prefer to order from. Many clients are pleased to learn that their Cannabis medication when ordered through a LP is 100% tax deductable! Any clarification and questions can also be addressed at this time. Cannabis like any other herb is one that needs to often be tweaked due to individual biochemistry so education is key.
And finally we provide follow up and ongoing support to help monitor your progress and answer any questions that may arise once you have begun to experience the bliss that Cannabis can unfold in you.