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Quantum Hematology – (Live & Dried Blood Auditing)

Pictures speak louder than words, and in this appointment it couldn’t be more true!

Healthy Live/Dried Blood

Unhealthy Live/Dried Blood

This is probably one of the most exciting experiences one can have for gaining insight into one’s health because it is completely about you, and only you. Using the analogy of a transport system, your red blood cells (RBCs), the living blood corpuscles, and all the elements that are carried via the plasma, can be likened to traffic on a busy highway. The RBCs that travel on this highway around your body are like transport trucks. At any given moment there are approximately 30 trillion of them transporting oxygen and nutrients to every part of your body. Each trip around the body has these cells delivering nutrients and oxygen as long as there are no road blocks, traffic jams or debris blocking the roads.

On average if the environment is conducive to the health and support of your RBCs, the lifespan of your cells will be around 120 days. Over 20 million of your RBCs die every minute with new ones being born and replacing them. The exciting thing about this is that at any given moment you can begin to improve the health and function of your cells by changing the environment that they are constantly bathed in.

Your white blood cells (WBC’s), have different functions, they are part of your immune system and are like your sewage and garbage collectors as well as your army fighting in your defense if you are supporting your health in the right way. During this session we get to see the different types of white blood cells, watch them function and discover if they are preforming in the correct ways. If not, we may need to delve deeper into diet and lifestyle to discover possibly why. We get to view the condition of your various cells whilst they are still moving and very much alive which leaves most people transformed regarding how they value and take care of themselves from that moment on.

We view your blood via Bright field, Dark field, and Phase Contrast using one of the best microscopes in the industry to give you the ultimate experience of the amazing world within you on a large flat screen. We incorporate Myco-Oxidative Stress Testing (Dry blood auditing because we can find answers to many symptomologies due to heavy metals, parasites, varying degrees of inflammation, organ toxicity, endocrine imbalances, and much, much, more.

Bruce Lipton, in his brilliant book ‘The Biology of Belief’, observed that every one of our trillions of cells are an individualized complete living organism. Like any human being, each cell is an intelligent being that can survive on its own, and is capable of learning and creating cellular memories which it passes to its offspring. This is where “Bionetics” can complement our protocols so beautifully.

Cells live in sophisticated communities and perform specialized tasks: the red blood cell colonies, for example, will deliver everything the other cellular communities need to sustain life. As for the very specialized white blood cells, their task depending on the member in this immune community is to identify unwanted invaders such as viruses, pathogens, mycoplasma, and bacterial forms. Some may vacuum up the unwanted microorganisms, while others are killer cells that may create antigens to fight viruses, some may try and throw out the poisons via your filtering organs and so on. Remember the body is rarely broken – it is merely responding to its internal and external environment.

But the blood is much more than this oversimplified mechanical overview. Some believe there is a hidden, almost mystical, aspect to the blood. Since the dawn of recorded history there is a rich occult tradition concerning this mysterious ubiquitous element.

We have only to consider the essential teachings of Christianity concerning the mysterious virtues of the Blood of Christ.

The picture above was taken of Heather’s blood in a Holographic Blood seminar in Chicago just after praying if she should continue to do this work, the whole class was shocked!

The blood, according to Len Horowitz, is a contract between the Creator and the individual. It is through the medium of this ‘River of Life’ that the Divine Essence is readily available. The blood circulating through the smallest capillaries is the most perfect vehicle to deliver energetic empowerment to the soul.

By viewing the blood under the microscope, we can become informed on the consciousness of the blood.

Simply put: the blood shows the relation of the individual with his/her unconscious. It shows the health or disease state of an individual according to what the unconscious is pushing to the surface.

We have seen that our very special fluid is quantic in nature. It knows of and responds to all our needs, strengths and weaknesses. The blood is filled with patterns and geometric designs that reorganize themselves according to our state of consciousness. It carries all our thoughts, emotions and memories and informs every cell of the body. Blood carries decoded DNA which knows what nutrient needs to be sent where. Moment by moment every new desire, feeling or intention reprograms the blood and consequently all parts of the body that it touches.

Heather has been educating people regarding their blood for the past 12 years now on both sides of the planet and has trained under some of the best in the industry to get a well-rounded perspective and although she does not diagnose medically speaking, at any one time using this methodology, clients have many “aha” moments. You may discover why you are no longer feeling the way you use to. Perhaps why many things you may have tried in the past didn’t do what you were told they would. Maybe why after spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars taking various supplements or medications, you still feel you have had little or no real improvement. Perhaps using this medium you will finally see what your innate intelligence has been trying to show you for many years.

From this we often move to another work station to incorporate Voice Bio Analysis, Bionetic Scans using cutting edge Bionetic Biofeedback for a energetic perspective. Or we may decide after discussing findings and symptomologies that fluid auditing and certain physiological measurements should be checked. Supine and standing blood pressures, breath rates, pulse variants, pH imbalances, anabolic, catabolic, electrolyte imbalances are just a few of the physiological parameters we may need to investigate further. Together we become a team working for a common goal which is to educate you, so you can finally begin to truly heal yourself.