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PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy)

Everything in life is vibration”– Albert Einstein

We searched far and wide to find the best counter attack to what our bodies are bombarded with daily, ELF & EMF or Electro Smog. These environmental poisons play a big part in why we are all so stressed out, sick and tired. We found PEMF therapy tackles some of this problem that are now triggering so many unwanted symptoms.

So how critical is Earth EM energy to survival of the human body? The experience of the early space travelers was a big hint. To investigate the effect of magnetic field deficiency, Dr. Valerie Hunt, placed 2 human subjects in a Mu metal cage to simulate a near-Zero Magnetic Field Environment. To everyone’s amazement, in just a few minutes they began to sob and said they felt like they were “falling apart” emotionally. In a few more minutes, they started losing muscle control and coordination and exhibited abnormal cardiac readings, forcing a stop to the experiment before they died of a heart attack. This experiment established man’s absolute dependence on Earth EM energy — just a few minutes without it and we die. Thus, on the scale of what will kill you the fastest if deprived of it, Earth EM energy takes crucial 2nd place, immediately after oxygen.

A full-body PEMF treatment at The Quantum Health Clinic gives you the edge to counter the harmful ElectroSmog, the high frequency, high intensity, EMF, and ELF that is bombarding us daily from the following:

  • cell phones & cell towers
  • computers
  • Wi-Fi & wireless routers
  • microwaves
  • radars
  • smart meters

These and other electronics can wreak havoc on our body’s repair and wellness mechanisms. Starting with radar in WWII and culminating today, never before in the evolution of the human body has it been subjected to such a massive, high energy frequency bombardment, estimated by experts to be 100-200 million times that reaching us naturally from the sun. Therefore, we need Earth-compatible PEMF treatments for protection.
Earth Mind Body Connection (0-30Hz)
Below you can see the 4 aspects of energy that are related to the Body-Mind-Earth connections:

  1. The frequencies the earth emits
  2. The frequencies our tissues and cells absorb
  3. The frequencies our mind functions at
  4. The frequencies our body radiates and projects

The earth emits these ranges of 0-30Hz frequencies as does PEMF therapy as well as higher frequencies sometimes needed. Have you ever wondered why there is no such thing as Heart Cancer? Your heart cells carry the highest voltage of electricity and cancer cells cannot grow where there is high voltage!

We have shown hundreds of clients before and after views of their live blood which will often show images like those below after only 8 mins of treatment!

Why not try this out for yourself, we are sure you will be amazed.