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Emotional CPR

Emotional CPR

Emotional Center Point Release is a “reweaving process,” where we help clients to see traumatic experiences from a more balanced perspective. As a result, clients can learn the lessons inherent in the trauma and eliminate the negative patterns which have resulted from the trauma…

By unifying the heart and mind the client is left feeling empowered to live a more authentic life.ECPR can be practised with or without our amazing SpectraVision technology to inspire a powerful paradigm shift in understanding the role of emotions in whole health and wellness. New Human is the only Bionetic company that integrates Epigenetics into the wellbeing programs we offer here at The Quantum Health Clinic.

Emotional CPR is a two part technique that creates both healthy changes, as well as introducing a systemic healing process. First, ECPR enhances the understanding of the emotional wounds and what ultimately heals our hearts. Uncovering origins of emotional root causes and origins.

The second level of understanding the human condition incorporates Neurological Re-scripting methods, which provide a new way of looking at life. After experiencing this incredible technique, you will see for yourself how powerful this process truly is. As we know what affects the mind and spirit affects the totality of overall physical health.

Emotional CPR enables us to address that which affects the roots of illnesses and provides the missing puzzle piece to the emotional component of the total health-and-wellness paradigm.

Energy loss due to improper foods, lack of exercise and toxicity all contribute to the modern day malady of NO ENERGY. 

“Efficient flow of energy is essential to wellness; disease is the result of any interference with this flow.” Nobel Prize Winner llya Prigogine – Chemistry

ECPR | Emotional Center Point Release Emotional CPR is the culmination of years of study into the human condition. Resolving deep emotions holds the key to opening the doorways to health and happiness, while supporting mankind in the Journey of Life. We welcome you to the healing of the heart and emotions using the gift of Emotional Center Point Release.

 Emotional CPR is a technology-free protocol we can use to facilitate a life-changing shift to a higher state of awareness. It is even more effective when paired with New Human’s Profusion Laser Light Essences, to further support this shift physiologically.

CRP is based on ancient knowledge sources such as the I-Ching, Kabbalah and Keys of Enoch, esoteric information translated into mathematical algorithyms. These are then imprinted as laser light frequencies into the micro-crystalline. Once you have realized the pyscho-emotional limitations and their respective root causes, and the physiology has been supported to shift accordingly as well, the mind-body-soul/emotional systems can integrate and expand into a new sense of freedom.

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