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Jasmeet K. DaraJasmeet K. Dara

Hi Heather,

I know it took me a little while to write this but I have been meaning to say it. A big thank you for your contribution in starting the healing process for our 6 year old son, who is diagnosed with a rare condition called Osteo Fibrous Displasia. We reached out to you for its treatment and you offered a life changing reform for our entire family. Your non-invasive treatment plan included natural supplements and treatment through electro-magnetic frequencies. Your treatment led to a 33% reduction of the lump in three months. That was beyond our expectations and really thank you for that.

What we appreciated most about working with you was your ability to cure the disease through non-invasive treatments aiming to reach to the root cause and eliminate the root cause through your non-invasive treatment and deliver the expected results. You were always available despite your crazy busy schedule and still are and your devoted attention to Aaron was exceptional. Once again thank you and I will truly recommend you to friends and family. You are the go to professional for anyone who wishes to look for radical and non-invasive treatments for their medical conditions, as opposed to traditional and highly invasive allopathic treatments, surgeries and medicines.

Yours sincerely,

Jasmeet K. Dara
Barrister & Solicitor

Wayne PWayne P

Lung cancer I survived, however I was left with numbness in my hands, legs and arms and hyper sensitivity and burning in my feet. I was told it was something that I would have to learn to live with and I have for the past 15 yrs. I thought it would always have to be this way.  Meeting Heather changed things for me.  The initial live blood testing made it possible for me to see with my own eyes that although there was some work to do everything was okay…..  I followed up with the Sousa testing and was happy to see that although aging I am, things are in pretty good order.  It was the treatment that followed with the laser therapy that made the difference in my limbs.  Standing on one leg without holding on to anything although it sounds simple was a major feat for me. Closing my eyes without falling over and the best day of all….. Walking on the sand at the beach in bare feet.  I never thought it would happen.  I still have a ways to go but I can’t thank you enough for your patience and kindness….

Elaine P.Elaine P.

Heather, thank you for turning my world around. I came to you as a tired middle aged women with questions.  What’s going on with me.  I knew that that I had high blood pressure and I didn’t want to start down the road of prescription medications.   The starting point - live blood testing.  I was amazed when I saw the blood magnified on the screen.  Your explanation of what we were looking at created that “light bulb moment.” If this is only one drop of blood, no wonder I feel the way that I do.

Coupled with the Sousa testing, I had all the information required to know what needed to be fixed and where to start.  As treatment progressed the information and explanations that you tirelessly provided created many more light bulb moments and have become invaluable.  I will never look at water the same way again…  I am a healthier and wiser person today thanks to you.    May you be blessed!

Diana Eaves, London, OntarioDiana Eaves, London, Ontario

Hello my name is Diana Eaves & I have M.S.  With Heather's help I have been able to achive so many thing I didn't think I could get back. Simple things like getting my bladder control back, climbing & decending stairs easier, getting the feeling back in the bottom of my feet which, took only minutes with her lasering , I am walking & standing better then I have in years, getting rid of cronic bladder infection. This list could go on &  on, but what my family doctor or my neurologist could not do, Heather King did!!! She is a true God send, she gave me hope back.  I would recommend her to any one that needs hope & a true life back.

Dr. Steve Stewart PhD. R-TCMP. R-Ac.Dr. Steve Stewart PhD. R-TCMP. R-Ac.

I have had the pleasure of working with and referring my patients to Heather Mackenzie here at Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center and Pathways Holistic Pet care Center. I find her to be very knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to her expertise in determining the ill health effects of the internal terrain. She is a Board Certified Internal Environmentalist who brings a world of clinical awareness when it comes to this type of testing. I would highly recommend her and I personally value her as a colleague and Clinician.

Julia Hatter, LondonJulia Hatter, London

I met this incredibly intelligent woman a few months ago and I was amazed at how much she has shown,explained and taught me about how the body works,and how to heal it naturally.

I had many health issues to address, most of them not even acknowledged by medical doctors. For 2 years I was told by my family doctor and a number of specialists, that "nothing is wrong with you, it's all in your head". Everyone knows their own body, and can tell when something is not right. Through many different tests, Heather showed me what was actually going on in my body.I am almost pain free from Fibromyalgia, I finally can sleep at night,my thyroid is functioning properly again and I continue to lose weight. Do yourself a favor and see Heather! It will change your life.

Kevin Wu – Chil Founder OntarioKevin Wu – Chil Founder Ontario

In my opinion, Heather is the future of where health care is headed. I have family in Australia and there its commonplace to have people that do health tests like she does. I searched hi and low for someone that could do this in Canada, and finally I found Heather. I was truly impressed by her knowledge, and couldn't believe what she showed me that was going on with my own blood. This test is done in minutes, right in front of your eyes! Your blood slide is put under a microscope, and then she puts it on a large plasma screen for you to see it for yourself. It's amazing what your blood can tell you about your body.Finally,my health concerns are becoming resolved and I have more energy than I did in my 20's! Heather has treated all of my digestive issues and I've lost 28 pounds. I'm so grateful that I found Heather and all of my questions are answered and explained to me in detail. Thank you Heather!!

KJM – Cranbrook, BCKJM – Cranbrook, BC

Being 83 I didn’t think I would have any hope in improving my neuropathy after Chemo and radiation but I am very happy to say I had significant improvement after following Heather’s recommendations and having the laser treatments. While I am not 100% rid of the symptoms I would have to say its improved by about 80%! Sleeping all through the night now has made a big improvement on everything in my life and I am so grateful for having Heather recommended to me from my Chiro.

This isn’t about esoteric auras, or vibes...

 Its about the REAL energetic flow within the body. If the body can’t make its own electricity the brain, the nerves, the muscles, and the organs can’t function. Mental clarity drops, strength drops, and the ability to do work goes away. Energy Assessments quickly and easily make important information available to the practitioner. No blood tests. No invasive procedures.

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